Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I receive Club communications?
We will send you a link to the group email address. Please follow the instructions to subscribe. Once you have done this you will receive all routine correspondence.
How do I get on the list for rowing?
After you have signed up to the list as mentioned above you will receive an online Doodle Poll to which you can add your name to row.
What happens when I join?
Once you become a full member of St Andrews Coastal Rowing Club you will receive, via email , a copy of our safety policies, risk assessment and constitution. Please read them and retain for future reference.


When do I get A Doodle Poll?
The Doodle Poll is emailed to all Club members on a weekly basis and generally runs 2 weeks in advance.
How do I use it?
Click on the box to the left hand side of the table and input your full name, then click tick under the session that you wish to row on and please remember at the end to click save. You can return to the Doodle Poll at any time to check your entry or make any amendments.
What happens if I lose it?
Links to all current Doodle Polls are listed in the Members Area of the web site. You can also ask a fellow rower to forward it to you however we ask that you do not forward the Doodle Poll to non club members.
Are there different ones?
Over the course of the season there are 3 separate Doodle Polls.

1- Routine for week to week rowing

2- Coxes and Shore which is only for those who wish to cover these duties

3 -Regattas, specifically for the events which we attend throughout the year.

Please ensure that you add your name to the correct Doodle Poll to avoid confusion.


How many rowers are required at each session?
A maximum of 6 individuals are required for each session. This will include a cox & shore person. Please do not add your name to a session that already has 6 names down.
What time do I need to be there?
Please be at the yard a full 30 minutes prior to the start of the row to help prepare the skiff so that we can launch on time. You should also allow 30 minutes at the end if you are rowing in the last session to put the boat away.
Do I need to Pay?
Each person, with the exception of the shore volunteer is to pay £1 per row, guests are charged at £4.
What happens if I am unable to row and have to cancel?
If you are unable to row please let the cox know as soon as possible. It is , however , the responsibility of the individual to fill the slot via an email plea to all members.
What happens if the session is cancelled?
The cox will inform all participants by text or email if the session is unable to go ahead. This will be done as far in advance as possible, however given changeable weather and sea conditions there will be occasions when very short notice is given.
Do I take part in strenuous or easy sessions?
We recommend that you start rowing in the easy sessions to build confidence and familiarity with all aspects of launching, rowing and recovery of the skiff. Once you feel able you are welcome to participate in the strenuous rowing. Both easy and strenuous sessions will involve instruction regarding technique.
What do I wear?
The most appropriate clothing for rowing is soft, stretchy and breathable with multiple layers that you can add or remove to maintain a correct temperature. It is recommended that the final layer be water repellent of shower proof material. A pair of old trainers or neoprene boots are the most suitable form of footwear, please do not wear open sandals or jeans.
How do I contact the cox?
The names and email addresses of all club members who cox will be listed within the weekly email containing the Doodle Poll.


Where do I get it from?
We have a variety of Club t-shirts, fleeces and hats available to order. Please contact


Shore Duty
A shore person is central to our safety procedures. If you have not done cox training please volunteer to cover the shore. You will be given full instruction and all Club members are encouraged to help with this.
Do I have to lift?
Yes, the skiffs need to be manhandled into the water and you will be asked to lift as part of the team.
Race training, instruction on techniques and early morning rows will be organised as appropriate in relation to demand.
All committee members can be contacted via