Annan 2016

7th May 2016 - Annan

Team Annan Raid – Janet, John, Graham, William and Sharon, set off as one of 6 boats from Annan Quay, to row down the river to the Solway Firth. All boats set off at 1 minute intervals. We were 2nd, behind Annan’s Skiff. We kept a steady pace and were raring to go, dressed as pirates, with the boat suitably attired with a customised Cannon, crafted by Graham and Andy, flying Saltires and a pirates mask.


The Solway experience was upon us with a breezy easterly and a rushing high tide, it was a gruel to get through some turbulence and wild waves. Our Cox kept us on track, keeping direction and motivation, even distracting us from the sight of a capsized Skiff! The crew kept focus, and timing, trying to make every stroke count.


We slipped in front of Annan and when we reached the marshy banks of Barrow, were met with primary children firing water pistols at us, as their part in the re-enactment of the historical raid. William lept out of the boat, to be the first to reach the bell and ring it, and unfortunately came up to his neck in water, followed by the rest of the crew , so a good dunking had by all.


St Andrews were declared the race winners and awarded the prize of a bell, which is to be returned for next year’s Annan Raid.


This is the report of the Annan Raid as broadcast on Border TV - 7th May